4 min readJun 15, 2023


kucci kon & Sky Shadow

A large cloud not of the normal size cloud drops, in front of kucci kon

kucci kon goes to rush the cloud

and he hears the sound of a whip popping

you should think before you move, demon or no demon

I suggest you move outer my way

all of your suggestions. will be taken into consideration.

but not until you hear,
what I have too say.

kucci kon says:
are you able to help me fine draco?

or I will turn your death into a world spectacle

and why should I be helping you
with something that's name Draco.

kucci kon grab sky shadow whip
& head butts sky shadow causing her fall off her cloud and said:

I came as a friend to you

and because I'm pretty. you think that you can destroy me. because of it.

Sky Shadow turns two of her clouds in to giant fist. punching kucci kon in both of his ears

kucci kon laughs it off!

and says: you have invited
you're self, to the wrong party.

is draco your stupid girlfriend?

your smart mouth: won't be able to
tolerate: "the house of broken spirits" that's in my fist.

sky shadow turn her cloud
in to a sledge hammer
knocking, kucci kon sense less

I bet draco wouldn't deny me.

kucci kon put his hand on his head
as he shakes his head,
from the swing, from sky shadow sledge hammer

kucci kon says:
My philosophy will cause me,
to take your head off your shoulders. and buried you, inside of your pretty clouds.

sky shadow takes her whip
and wrapping it: around kucci kon
whole body

I can squeeze your life & demolish,
every single demonic slimy: blood cell, that rotates through you.

then sky shadow turns a clouds
in to fiery bombs! sending them towards kucci kon

kucci kon spurs his hus husky, wings out,
melting sky shadow whip

then kucci kon wings turn in to solid ice.
blocking sky shadow cloud bombs!

kucci kon stomp his foot and said:

as scary as kucci kon looks:
his voice was even more scarier.

and out loud he says:

I am kucci kon! and then his mechanical shooters

come out from the side
of his suede buck jacket

gunning at sky shadow: as she does cart wheels, from cloud to cloud.
trying to survive, the out burst of bullets

sky shadow takes her cloud and wrapping it, around her as a force shield

as kucci kon bullets starts
to eating through, sky shadow shield.

then kucci kon summons
his bloody meteorites, from the sky
blasting: sky shadow cloud shield

as the acid blood, from the meteorite
eats it's way through

sky shadow falls from out of her shield.


to the impact of kucci kon bloody meteorites colliding; against his target.

sky shadow hits the ground
and bruise up:
by kucci kon attack.

and mumbles under her breath:

ugh! I'm too pretty for this:
too be happening.

kucci kon put his foot
on sky shadow face

pushing his foot in to her jaw,
as hard as he could and then

he lifts his husky foot, off of
sky shadow.

so he could give sky shadow,
his kucci kon kon "famous foot stomp"

to crush her face in to tiny pieces.

wen kucci kon remove his foot,
before he could "brand" her.

sky shadow cloud turned, in to
one huge hand: and pulls her away, just in time:
avoiding her in receiving, her going away, present.

sky shadow touched her face
and felt blood dripping, from her nose

you tried your best, to hate me
for being pretty.

just because your insane looking.

that doesn't help you, to be honest
with yourself.

draco will kill you! and you
will look be looking: for me
to help you.

because you can't do it alone.

take my help now, while it's available.

before I see you, as a natural enemy.

kucci kon slaps his forearm
in to sky shadow mouth.

knocking sky shadow in to the dirt.
sky shadow rolls a couple of times, before she comes to a stop

she gets up dusting,
her self off and says:

my power is the alliance that
can take you, to your friend draco

but your to stubborn, and ugly:
to understand, why I came to you.

but if you, listen to me.

I won't have to kill you. from the inside ripping out your ugly guts.

you don't have a team & this is why your losing.

kucci kon says:
I am the one.
and my power is above your head.

and I will: put your soul: in the gravel pit, to help feed the scorpions.

kucci kon turned himself in to a hologram of him self. and then his face took on, different facial features, from the dimension: that he was from

sky Shadow has never fought something, so strange as kucci kon

do you really want, your creepy soul, to vanish.

My motivation to die. is what keeps me living.