2 min readJun 14, 2023


Ma na ku lar WE WELCOME YOU!

and you're bloodline


yes. ma na ku lar would like for you to come & talked to him

we are the vampgores.
and we're,
the foundation to all things,
in existence.

you have to come back with me.

I will come with you wen, every
Vampgore, is no longer alive.

ma na ku lar, has a safe place
for you
vampires. to live in peace.

we are at peace. and no one is directing us, on where we shall live.

He gives all of you... his reinsurance
that he will protect you.
and your family.
will have to pay taxes too!

it's ma na ku lar, that will need protection.
from any Vampgore that he meets.

we're predators & not negotiators.

I need for you to come with me
right now.

before I tell him, you have refused,
to comply.

our power is above your artificial wealth, and human arrogance.

vampvorra shines;
one top fang, & one bottom fang.

and if he thinks, he can violate
anyone of us.

it has never taken a we.... to do anything.

I will destroy you're soul
including your leader

your leadership, needs
to rethink his mission.

before his message
give my blood mix signals,
of lost tranquility.

I hope you vampires is ready.
for what will happen to you.
for not accepting
my vist it.

as a friendly reminder of ma na ku lar kindness. that he wishes to harbor over you and your kind.

I will have my ghost to escort you
out & beware....

if my ghost wish to drown you
in their river sanctions

I will not control their behavior,
for their x-rated emotions; when it comes to violence.