2 min readJun 13


Sky shadow & Ma na ku lar

ma na ku lar was outside exercising
around dawn hours

has ma na ku lar looks up
he see something hanging from out the clouds

he pick up a rock and throw it
at the clouds

what ever is up there will come down.

he picks up another rock and crushed it into
multiple rock's

sky lite used her whip curving;
the rocks back down

I have lost touched with what
fear can do.

I don't come to fight.

why are you hiding.

do you think I need to hide from you.

I can tax you, from above or below.

don't mistaken my cuteness, for a squeeze of extra softness.

wen you come down, and your feet
touch my ground. and I will double, taxe you.

and rub your clouds out off the way.
and le,t the sun watch me
fatality you.

Sky Shadow turned the clouds into rockets, rattling like a snakes tail.
flying into target.

ma na ku lar, was dodging out
the rockets. and at the same time grabbing rockets, and throwing them back up, at sky shadow

sky shadow jumps from cloud
to cloud.
swinging her whip. to flip the rocket's off course.

your best attack can't stop, ma na ku lar...

your are running up, a very high bill.

don't worry your soul, will be paying for my tab.

unless you listen.

ma na ku lar
don't have to listen,
to a stranger, that's about to have
a bounty on her head.

we need to talk and make alliance.

My alliance is us... that has survived.
we live here in peace and harmony
and tax free.

give me your finest demon.
and I will think about; letting you,
keep your soul as a tip.

I only came because I care.....I and thought,
you should be warn.

the only danger on my land
ma na ku lar.

than you probably don't know.

there's vampires that's looking
to take over your land in the future.

I don't have a problem with vampires.
especially, if they paying me, to live in peace.

peace in this life, is no longer an alternative' wen your land is in Jeopardy.

ma na ku lar doesn't make'
alliance's with nobody's.

sky shadow turns a cloud
into lightening bolt... sending it, towards ma na ku lar,

snatch it. and turned it into glass.
smashing it. in between his hands.
don't take my strength lightly.

I don't need you. as much as you need me.

we need nothing.
we have everything here. and everything here belongs to us.

by me being the tax collector. it helps me to keep my people, and our land stable with food, and plenty of resources,
that you come to steal from us.

I can generate anything, that
I need from my clouds of water & fire.

don't begg me later to help you,
wen your wrath, turns weak on you.