2 min readJun 15, 2023


the Vampgores Refuse their options.

ma na Kular. I pay homage to you.

what was the vampires response
to my peaceful invite of meditation?

I don't believe they want, to meet with you. and give you homage.

which leader did you talk too.


how many leaders do they have

I only seen the one, that i spoken too.

she thinks that we: will need her too protect us.

I'm, mA na kular the greatest!

and I'm stronger than any vampire.

I.... ma na Ku lar.
have the strength of mountains.

now.... I will have to tax them
for not showing up.

Baa Wa sii

you will be the one to round up
our strongest fighters

and we will go back into
the mountains

I have offered them a permanent heaven, here on earth. under my watch.

went do I round up our warriors.

and went do we go back.

and at what time do we start.

ma na ku lar! you know it will almost take us,
at least two suns. before we reach them.,

the 2nd sun was on it's evening stroke'. about the time
we made it, to top of the mountain.

I will let everyone, know when
to be ready.

when one avoid paying me taxes.
is an insult to my land.. and it's a disrespect, shown towards my people.

Baa wa sii speaks:
ma na ku lar, you know I'm a freedom fighter, and one day

under your leadership. I will lead your army.

and I will follow you. into brick stone and fire.... is my loyalty to you.

loyalty is what makes us family. before we're friends.

go tell the others, to sharpen their
favorite weapon

and we will carry very little with us!

but be looking forward to be bringing back heavy treasures, of gold and silver.

pure gold and silver and demon's
is what keeps me in business.

as a tax collector. I only trade things of value besides souls.

so my people can live our own, prosperity with complete dignity.