2 min readJun 15, 2023


wen the time is right

master sin speaks:
why did you invite your friends
in the day and not in the night

my only friends are ghost and bats

so what was their request.

vampvorra says:
that we should get rid of all the traditional vampgores

and you didn't answer them back,
with death.

are you trying to discredit who we are

vampvorra says:
shouldn't you be resting inside
your casket singing songs of silence.

you have lost touch: in what it means to be a Vampgore by blood

master sin:
are you becoming dishonest,
to our fathers blood?

vampvorra says:
I will never be an ambitious traitor.

I have always been willing to sacrifice:
every drop of my blood, for another Vampgore.

I would show you who I am.

if there wasn't any consequences.
for me taken you out,
to a permanent eatery.

leaving you with your skull and bones
naked: on a plate: all the way down,
to your trifling fangs.

master sin says:
I live a life that no vampgore
has retired from.

and no vampire has preserve themselves,
as we have. and they never will

my deep thinking make go
in to an extreme rage

that gives me no other choice
but to go out. and evaporate souls, after soul

I know you don't trust me or
my decisions: on how I handle
my tears of sickness

with the promise of blood.
on how, I parade the death
of humans
as a proud trophy

To help me suppress, my psychotic temper tantrums.

I will not be affected, by this disease
that lives in my nature.

vampvorra says:
your heart is vicious. and there's no cure

you! you are a well known savage,
and a prehistoric monster

you can't live with inside your self,
for what has happened to your twin.

if anyone of us, is soft it is you.

you only killed one that was involved and not all of them.

your form of inhabitants centuries ago.

would have turned that village,
into an
old tribal ghost town

master sin says:
My killings is not based on wisdom. for my actions:
are based on what is necessary,
wen looking into, the eye of wisdom.

an old discovery like you: could never be made new again.

it sounds like you're fangs,
have lost their desire,
against the forces of humanity.

has shattered who, you really are.

no vampire can't revive, their individuality, with a scorn mind

which makes me different,
than your edition.

I will never surrender,
to the world of piggish filth.